> avanti cards crack us up

chihuahua in the hood
... and all I got was this t-shirt
... to the ends of the earth
fasten your seatbelts...
we still walk on the wild side...
full tilt
a little mischeif...
I finally remembered...
happy birthday
pure perfection
Glamour Puss
I meditate, I do yoga, I chant
I got it on e-bay!
...and how was your day?
the years have been kind...
pick an age
have the best birthday...
polished another one off!
Number One
when you got it...
okay, light the candles!
Self control...
older, yes...
Communication is everything
I can't keep my paws off you!
happiness is a new puppy
The hurrier I go
drink responsibly
froggy diva
another year licked!
everyday you sparkle...
you says you can't stop time?
what would I do without you?
you'll always be my best friend...
hello gorgeous!
if you're going over the hill...
a friend like you is hard to find
if we're going to retain water....
this is your brain on cake
running a little rough?
do you know how fast you were going over that hill?
good friends are the best accessories
where did the time go?
happy birthday with sprinkles on top!
wishing you all the love
you'll be old when pigs....
can you call in grumpy to work?
happy birthday and all that jazz