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Blue is my favorite. It makes me feel cheery and happy. Blue is the color of the sky, of the far reaching universe and a reminder that we are a small part of a much larger existence. Blue is the color of the ocean and the Great Lakes. Looking over the water at a rising or setting sun gives me a sense of well being!

Pam Howse

I like yellow because it reminds of the sun, warmth and summer.

Roy N

Bright blue/almost aquamarine because it is calming yet energetic too!

Amber Gilmore

I'm a purple person, through and through! It's regal and classy and funky and fun, all at once.


Pink! Because I got my baby girl!!!


I like black because ~ well I'm a slob and it hides all my spils :-)


My favorite color is pink because it makes me happy. Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy Staran

Yellow is an awesome color, and I cannot WAIT to stop in to your new store...YAY!

Deborah Peak

YELLOW, yep its still the beautiful color of my daughters bedroom, albeit she's long gone & flying solo as a beautiful adult woman now. I never changed the color, just filled it with wicker furniture and now read...usually leading to naps, in this beautiful YELLOW room filled with afternoon sunshine, joy & cherised memories!!!


Blue - so calm... Blue is my favorite color.


Green, green, green! But really yellow-green. I'm not sure why but it just makes my eyes happy. Can't wait for the yellow door to open!

Heather Linz

I love yellow because it is the color of my newborn's baby room... It makes me feel happy and warm at the same time even when changing diapers...

Susan Schultz

My favorite color is yellow, yellow, yellow. It reminds me of my favorite things: sunshine, egg yolks, the rubber duckies my kids played with in the tub so long the water cooled, crayons, yellow brick road, yellow submarine, the color of our daughter's bedroom walls and its reflection of her cheery personality, my grandmother's metal kitchen table with yellow vinyl chairs. Yellow makes a bad day good, a sad moment brighter.


Yellow is very cheery but my favorite is Blue. I love blue because it reminds me of the water, the sky and just plain peacefulness! Thanks for the chance.

Laurie Ross

I love yellow...my kitchen is yellow because I am in there a lot and it always cheers me up!!! Reminds me of a warm sunny day.


I love blue because it's the color of the ocean and the sky--the color of endless possibilities.

Cathy E.

Navy blue is my favorite! It has been my favorite for as long as I can remember.


I must be fickle because I love all of the colors-depends on the day. A different color for every day and every mood!

Barb Rinckey

Yellow. Definitely. I'm a summer - my whole house is yellow and blue!

Charity Lemke

Green is my favorite color! It makes me happy, it is so fresh and lively!

Jennifer Kondak

I'm pretty passionate about purple - it feels good to wear it and I feel happy in it. BTW - love the Buddha bowls! Coming in this week to buy one!!

Jennifer Lavender-Schott

My favorite color is purple because it is so rich and full of emotion and elegance. There is no way you can ignore purple.

Janet Davis

I love blue. It reminds me of the sky, the ocean, the color of my grandchildren's eyes, makes me feel at peace.


Green is my favorite color because it represents pure happiness for me. It reminds me of my trip to Ireland 11 years ago and of my college years at Michigan State.


I love white and like ballet slipper pink. White is just a great accent color and makes things look so happy and clean.

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