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Yellow is my favorite color because it is just so happy and sunny, how can you be sad around yellow??

Rose R.

I love blues, torquise, because it reminds me of the ocean and home!!! :)


Yellow is a happy color, but orange happens to be my FAVORITE color because it's so bold and accents everything so well. I can't help but be drawn to anything orang.. but... yellow will brighten any day!

Sarah Bradley

My favorite colors are dark red and light blue. Honestly, they just make me feel good when I wear them.

Barbara Phillips

My favorite color is green because it is everywhere in nature. But, I really like yellow too! :-)


My favorite color is green because I'm Irish :)


My favorite color is green because it can be seen everywhere. Green makes me feel tranquil and at home, it is full of energy and life. The color green in nature also gets brighter during and after it rains it is really beautiful.


I love red because it's hot!

Cassandra Wolanin

Yellow is my favorite color! It fills all of my best memories. I love the way it dances on the ceiling to welcome you to the day and how it peaks through the curtains to beckon you outside to play. Mostly I love yellow because it brightens the darkest of places!

Kristy Reid

While I love your blog and totally agree with the reasons why you love yellow I have to say that my favorite color is blue. I don't have any touchy/feely reason why...I just like it! Any shade of blue will due just as long as it's blue! =)

Paula Doan

It's always been blue but lately, red makes me happy. However. I've always been drawn to yellow. Add in some black polka dots and I'm a happy person!

Emily Lydic

Yellow is my favorite color in the world! I like it because it's happy and energetic and it both mirrors my natural personality and emphasizes it. Yellow is loud and proud and happy and WOOOO. That is why it's my favorite color. I like a sunny yellow shade, like your store's background.


I like yellow, because it's cheery; however, I gravitate toward purple since amethyst is my birthstone.


I love green, springtime, new grass and love my green vegetables ; ) LOL!!

Emily Lydic

I shared this on my Facebook.


I'm a big fan of pink colors because they're fun and spunky!

Michaele Sommerville

Red has been my favorite color since I was a VERY little girl: I still have vivid memories of looking down at my shiny red patent flats as I walked to a Christmas concert- at age THREE! Red fingernail polish, a red Jeep, and of course, red rubies: red is my festive, confidence-building, strength-increasing passionate color!

For my subtle moments? Pink, of course.

Emily Lydic

Shared it on my blog: http://emeraldsky33.livejournal.com/

Emily Lydic

Tweeted it! http://twitter.com/emeraldsky33

Mary Waggoner

I LOVE yellow! It is bright and sunshiny - a very happy color! Just like Catching Fireflies brings tons of happiness into so many lives!

Michaele Sommerville

Happy to spread the word via Twitter and my own blog: http://kidney-garden.blogspot.com/2010/10/ordinal-numbers.html


I <3 red because it is the color of smiles! And, I posted this on my Facebook Page too!


These days I love the color orange-red. It's so fun and fiesta-like!


I like deep shades of red, blue, brown and black. For some reason, they calm me and make me feel happy!


Red! My Dad always said he loved my mom...and all of my sisters and me in red.
Just gives me a sense of happiness and home!

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