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Nicole M.

I love purple. It has always been my favorite color. No particular reason, but hey - Grimace is purple and how can you not love Grimace?!

Molly MacDonald

Certain shades of yellow have the ability to lift your mood and warm your spirit. During very tough time in my life, a marital separation, I moved in with a friend and painted my bedroom a warm, House Beautiful Yellow of the Year color.

Regardless of my struggles in my marriage or challenges at work, I would wake up and go to bed, surrounded by this warmth.

I believe just thinking of the color yellow can warm you up, brining a pink color to your cheeks as your body begins to relax and your blood begins to flow.

Speaking of PINK, it is my new favorite color. I never particularly cared for PINK until a breast cancer diagnosis caused me to look at that ubiquitous ribbon in a whole new way and led to founding a breast cancer non-profit that helps patients in active treatment with some of their cost of living expenses.

In helping them to pay their bills, The Pink Fund, brings the warmth of YELLOW into their lives, warming their spirit, allowing their blood to flow and PINKING their cheeks with HOPE for the future!


I love magenta/fushia.

But yellow holds a special place for me because my dog was 'little yellow girl' in her litter! I still have her yellow puppy collar. But now that she's 80 lbs, not 10 lbs, it doesn't quite fit ;)


My favorite colour is TURQUOISE! Because it reminds me of the water and its the color that looks best on me :)


Right now I like burnt reds and oranges but I think it change's with each season.

Tiandra DeSantis

I love the color purple, all shades of it! I always just feel a little more regal whenever I wear it or use the color in decorating my home!

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