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Well there is a company that makes amazing products here in the US, and it is called Enchanted Fireflies, www.enchantedfireflies.com

We ordered one, then we saw it twinkling, fading and all, then we ordered 3 more, what a display. Check the site, I do love them.


that website you listed sells pieces of junk.

Tricia Evans

I think they look pretty and that is mean to call them pieces of junk. I'm sure anyone who grew up with fireflies and now lives somewhere that doesn't have them would really like them. Although, they are a little on the spendy side.


Shocked to hear that someone said; “they are junk”. I think you got confused with some other products similar to Enchanted Fireflies, yet lower quality, which we tried, and they stopped working after few months. They are not comparable to the Enchanted Fireflies products. My husband is an engineer and he too was amazed if the high quality of Enchanted Fireflies. The proof is the two years unlimited warranty they offer. It shows the quality since no one gives such a warranty free of charge.

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these blogs are very interesting, very interesting insects, are my favorite animals, all of them!

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I like firefly. I motivates children to view these exciting bugs both in the outrageous and in captivity. Fireflies are best discovered in mdw, along the sides of channels and near do tracks.

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They are not similar to the Captivated Fireflies items. My partner is an professional and he too was surprised if the top excellent of Captivated Fireflies. The confirmation is the two years endless guarantee they provide.

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