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Hearing Samson's toenails on the studio floor as he trotted in on Friday afternoons always made my day. I will miss his wild man ways and how when April would leave for a minute he'd choose to hang by my desk (I always forgave him for his gas). He was a star and I will always smile when I think of him and all the joy he brought to so many people.


Your tribute to your wonderful friend makes my heart sad for you today. I have never met the wonderous Samson, but know I've missed out on a truly fun-loving spirit. May your memories bring you comfort.


I love how you captured your feelings and memories in your journal. It's beautiful and so meaningful. How many people he made smile in only 2.5 years. If only we could be more like him. Love you guys.


i was so saddened to hear the news. my heart breaks for you. i know what a`special member of the family he was! i will never forget when he was a pup and you brought him for a visit to our store. i just fell in love with him right there. you two were awesome dog parents to him. samson made everyone smile! hugs and love to you both.

april mccrumb

Thanks so much for all your kind words... they warm my heart.

Jeff and Sarah

We were sorry to hear about Samson. He was such a fun dog- Jeff was just telling some people we know about how much he enjoyed Samson! We loved to display his great pictures with our other special "kids" photos. Jack especially like the Easter Buly one! Our sympathies...

Judy & Al (Grandma & Grandpa)

It has taken me this long to be able to look at the Memory of Samson. Thought I would make it without tears, but it didn't work. We loved him so much and will alway remember his cute manners. Will miss giving him his treats and scratching his rear.

Lauren Beras (from Lorla's)

Oh I am so very sorry about your loss of Samson. Your tribute is so beautiful! I am in Grand Rapids right now (orientation for my son's college tomorrow) and we will be running by Mars Hill to check out Rob Bell's church (if even just to walk through). I'm a big fan of his Nooma tapes and have many of them is you would ever like to borrow them. They will all give you relief and comfort. Much love and sincerely sorrow for you.

april mccrumb

Awwwe... thanks so much for you kind comments and generous heart Lauren. I love listening to Rob Bell's message podcasts while I'm traveling or gardening out in my yard. He is such an inspiration.

Kim Van Dyke

Wishing you peace and warmest memories of Samson. We talked about him while I shopped one day. I had put my Basset down a few days before and was still so sad. Your encouragement inspired me to adopt my girl Lilly from the Bulldog rescue a few months later. There aren't many things more difficult to endure than the loss of a pet attached to your heartstrings. May you find comfort in knowing how loved Samson was.

Sharon Stahlhut

I have only just discovered your blog and came across your post about your dog, Samson.

We just lost both of our beautiful cats within 3 months of each other. The grief and loss is unbearable at times, like you we miss all the little things. Our eldest cat, AJ was 17 years old when he died and he grew with the children and all that happened in our lives during that period.
Our beloved Thomas was a stray that adopted us - is was gentle and beautiful and he has only been gone several weeks. He was about 7 we think and we had him for 3 1/2 years.

We are lifetime members of the RSPCA and believe most strongly in their work.
Thank you for your post and for sharing Samson with us. I did similar for our boys on my blog - somehow sharing it helps I think.

Sending you blessings and enjoying your blog.

aka HoneyBear
NSW Australia


Awwww, what a beautiful dog - such a wonderful spirit, God Bless him.

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