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Elizabeth Conroy-Powers

What do I love?
Catching Fireflies of course!!
One of my all favorite things to do is go shopping with my daughter (Colleen) on a Saturday A.M. at Catching Fireflies. So much to look at and buy.And a great way to spend some Mother and Daughter time.

Robin Pedica

I was working down the street and needed a gift. What a wonderful place to find that unique item that no one else would give. Love you guys.

Robert DiMarco

Life is like giving a gift
You see the surprise, the eyes open up
The tears flow
The joy of giving, doesn't make them feel good
But makes YOU feel even better.
A son to his mom


Susan Burns

You are my favorite store! I gave my brother the Rolling Rock recycled bottle glasses for his birthday and they were a big hit! I said drink your OJ out of these! Love the gift wrap and unique items.

Andrea Eaton

I loved your BonJour French toast stamper.
In fact, anything French works for me. Thanks for all your creative ideas.

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