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Laura Vavrek

Bell's Oberon and Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat hybrid is my go-to summer beer.

Laura Vavrek

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New Favorite has gotta be Steam Whistle, wish they sold it in the states!


Bell's Oberon is my (Husband's :) go to beer!


I like Sam Adams Summer Ale and Bells Oberon!


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21st Amendment Brewery's Monk's Blood is my go-to beer.

Lisa Hissong

My favorites are Blue Moon and Killian's.


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Erin K

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy is my go-to beer!

Lisa Hissong

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Rachell Campbell

Sam Adams Summer Ale with a splash of simple syrup and lemon juice! Perfect hot summer drink!


Schafly Pale Ale is Lyle" crisp smooth beer, brewed in St Louis


Oooo so many favorites. This summer my go to beer has been New Belgium's Somersault. If I'm at a local restaurant with Fulton's Sweet Child of Vine on tap, then I always order that!

Nichole Soma

My favorite beer is Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Or Hangin Frank, shorts brewery!!


My go-to is any Magic Hat brew...their sampler 12-pack is always full of treasures!

Bree Hoski

My favorite for the summer is Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy!!

Bree Hoski

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Arlene Colwander

Oberon is the best! Wish it was around all year.

Arlene Colwander

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Karen Tower

Labatt Blue Light

C Schoelen

We drink "OUR" beer. My husband and I own a brewery, Mustang Brewing Company in Oklahoma. So my favorite of the 5 flavors in only 2 years is Washita Wheat! It is made with Oklahoma Red Wheat and Won a Silver Medal at the World Beer Championship in Chicago!!!

Jennifer Cashin

I always enjoy a nice ice cold "Dirty Blonde".

Jennifer Cashin

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Tom Houghtby

I like to go organic with either St. Peter's Organic English Ale or Short's Golden Rule.

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