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Something to make me smile. Wihout any calories.

Amy Madvig

I would love to find the Shower Bursts in my
stocking this year. I recently found those at a local boutique in my area and love them!!! Especially the Headache one, I have chronic migraines and when I used it, it worked!!

I tell all my family and friends about them and will be giving them as stocking stuffers to everyone I know.

Love the product!! ( I bet you couldn't tell :-) ! )

Patricia O'Connor


Toni Clark

My daughters make a card for me every year. Somehow Santa's magic always leaves it in my stocking! Handmade & from the hearts of the two loves of my life...doesn't get better than that!


Hmmmmm, what do I want in my stocking this year? Since I am expecting baby #3 in May, I'd like the promise of a healthy baby :)


I've got my fingers crossed that Dr. Drew is in my stocking this year!

Ruthann Hughes

Good things come in small packages.


Comfy Slippers :)


I FBed about the giveaway!


I'd love to gifts my kids made in my stocking this year.


I'd like to find some cute new nail polish in my stocking, or a really nice chocolate bar!

(i also tweeted this and it'll end up on FB)

Pamela Stewart

I love picture frames!


Ooohhh... i want happy, healthy kids :)


I shared this contest on my facebook...

Beth S.

Ok... shared on FB!

For Christmas, I'd like to find a gift certificate for a spa visit in my stocking. Or maybe just the sexy panties that Santa almost always brings (the almost being due to the package of maternity panties he brought one year, about 5 years after hubby & I had decided we were done having babies, lol...)

Andra Shipley

I hope to find a Catching Fireflies gift card, and oh yeah - a million dollars would be just fantastic as well!

Lora Hainsworth

Cute stuff. Would love to get in my stocking.

Lisa Banka

Honestly, Buckyballs.


I would love to find something in a small jewelry box ( but doubt I will) :-)
Anything handmade from my kids are always better than any sore bought gift though...


I would love to find some chocolate, coffee and bath goodies!


oops...that should say "STORE"

Lori Boulier

I would love to find anything from Catching Fireflies in my stocking! I was able to attend the Holiday Open House, and I fell in LOVE with the store!

I will most certainly be posting the Stocking Give-a-way on Facebook!


I want gift certificates to the car wash that cleans the inside of the car! My three kiddos leave such disgusting crumbs in the car!

Melissa Gomoll

An electronic tooth brush!

I shared on Facebook and tweeted as well!

Jeanette Miller

An address book...sounds silly but I'm always losing addresses because I write them on a small piece of paper and shove it in some unknown crevasse in my house!

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