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It makes me laugh when my son tells me 3-year old Knock Knock jokes. Knock, knock, who's there? cow. cow who? cow moo. is a favorite.


I think quick little homemade note cards are the best way to show some love! We live far from friends and family, and who doesn't love getting a little mail!


practicing belly laughter- kind of like laughter therapy for the blues (ooh and it helps abs too)!


When I voice my frustration as I'm driving and my kids are in the car, I say "c'mon people." My 2 year old is a parrot and adds "c'mon people let's go!"

Jill Lewis

My husband makes me laugh, he is always telling jokes and trying to be funny-and he usually is.


Playing a new Wii game with friends and family makes me laugh because I'm awful at it but am having fun laughing at myself!

Amy Malaise

My 20-month-old son makes me laugh because he encourages me to look at things with fresh eyes and find the humor in everything.

Crafting by Candlelight


I have no kids yet so my cats make me laugh all the time. They are super friendly and lovable and silly.

Melissa Farley

Watching four new baby goats romp in sun this morning. Spring is on the way!

Melissa Roberts

A good clean joke makes me laugh, plus every day life with my family :) live is good!! ya just gotta smile.

"Warm every day with a smile"

thanks for a chance to win!!

Melissa from Naches


what makes me laugh: my kids, witty commercials, myself when i'm tired, and my husband. But mostly my girlfriends, when we laugh at ourselves or make fun of each other. we got to laughing so hard in your store the other day at a funny thing there. It made our day!

Shani Richart

It makes me laugh when my 6 year old tells my 4 year old that you don't say "Lasterday" it's "Yesterday" He then goes on to tell him to "Be Quilet" because he can't think.


Whenever I am in a bad mood..my 5 year old daughter makes crazy faces that crack me up. Nothing is better than that:)


My daughter (age 2.5 and 5.5) love to make cards for everyone...on the computer and the good old fashioned snail mail kind. It teaches them simple kindnesses and puts a smile on everyones faces!

Melissa Nott

When my 5 year old daughter get's "the look" on her face and then says "I'll be right back" and jumps from her chair runs into the next room.....to PASS GAS!!!!!


My Cats
Tommy Boy

Dannielle Insalaco

My niece Charlotte...she has perfect comedic timing at 4 years-old!


I love to laugh, so it does not take much for me!!! I try to find humor in the everyday stuff. My grandsons, my puppy, my husband and my girlfriends keep me in stitches most of the time!!!


It's on my blog at


My kids make me laugh all the time. My youngest (he's 4) likes to tell zombie stories...they are a hoot!!!

Angelica Perez

My kids make me laugh. They say the most funniest things. My 3 year old son loves singing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" to the newborn puppies we have. It's so adorable and funny cause he doesn't know all the words.


Being in Love makes me laugh! I love being in love with my best friend and we can make each other laugh until we tinkle our pants! I bought him this really funny pair of underwear for Valentines day with an upside down ice cream cone on the front! I laugh hysterically when he wears them for me and dances around. I know that he only wears them because he loves me and likes it when I laugh! We also have found a special way of "correcting" each other in a discussion. Rather than saying "I told you so," we say "I Love you so." It means the same thing but it constantly reminds us of how much we are in love and how special that is to both of us.

amy  h.

My crazy boys are always good for a laugh!

Mary Miller

I love to send cards...especially to widows on valentines day...as you are older...you may not have as many friends to show you love.


my cats, make me laugh everyday. there is just something about my two siamese cats playing, talking or snuggling that make me smile.

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