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adrian rosen

Iced coffee!!!

Melissa B

My favorite summer drink is:

Clementine Juice (Bolthouse Farms makes a yummy one)
and a splash of Pomegranate juice.

You can do equal parts juice/prosecco but I tend to go a little heavier on the prosecco than the juice.

Claudia Kujawski

So hard to choose a favorite, but iced tea with lots of ice and lemon is very refreshing!

Sue Fernandez

Mine is either iced tea, OR Snapdragon beauty drink with vodka.... yummy!

Renee' Simmons

McD's SF Vanilla Iced Coffee's (cheap & tasty)!

Renee' Simmons

Blogged the contest!

Debbie Gorlewski

Favorite summer drink is definitely fresh-squeezed lemonade!!! Add in some good vodka and it is the perfect summer-night drink too! :)

Kristy Hansbro

My favorite summer drink is a slurpee!!! yum!

Kara Fredericks

I just love sitting outside on the patio on a warm summer night, sipping a margarita on the rocks!


Strawberry lemonade and ice tea with lemon and anything slushy...!!!

thanks for a chance to win.


My favorite drink is a Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frapaccino but with chocolate chips. Yum!


I enjoy a nice glass of lemonade made with sparkling water. Yum!!!


Put it on facebook too!


My favorite summer time drink is either sweet peach tea or a mojito. Both just scream summer to me and require me sitting on the patio when I drink it.


Okay, posted on Facebook and on my blog. http://rebeccaredman.blogspot.com/2009/07/fantastic-giveaway.html

Colleen Kulesza

Fresh Sqeezed Lemonade for sure!

Kellie Story

My neighbor and I invented a drink we like to call the "Pom-Pom". It is vodka, diet 7-up with pomegranate, and a splash of cranberry pomegranate juice. It's very refreshing and somewhat healthy!! HA!

Kelly Chadwick

Golden Margaritas!!

Jenny Craver



Iced coffee is my daily choice, but I do love a nice homemade lemonade.

Marie Gearing

Frozen strawberry daiquiri, even better w/fresh from the garden strawberries! YUM!!

Amy Mahon

growing up my favorite summer beverage was my nana's homemade lemonade. i've never been able to replicate it! now, i enjoy a nice mojito!

Jenny Rossbach

My favorite drink for summer is homemade sangria, you know the kind of drink that takes 1/2 a day to marry all the flavors. Start with a chianti, add some orange juice, slice an apple, an orange, a pear and let it ruminate together. ahh, nothing says summer better.

Bridget Green

Blueberry vodka and lemonade... perfect for a hot summer day.


margaritas or lemonade. yum!

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